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Shikimori ( (しき) (もり) Shikimori?) is the main female protagonist of the Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie series. She is the daughter of Miyabi Shikimori and the girlfriend of Yuu Izumi.


Shikimori has silky pink hair, green-blue eyes, and a slim body. She is described as extremely cute by Yuu Izumi and she is generally loved by everyone. She has a cool side to her which shows when her boyfriend who has terrible luck gets into trouble and she has to save him. She is very athletic and active all the time which is shown again and again as she stops most things from hurting Izumi.

During her middle school years, Shikimori kept her hair much shorter and usually dressed and acted in a more masculine fashion.

She is mostly seen wearing the school uniform.



Shikimori is a very confident, caring, and kind person. She is also a very competitive person. She is usually very cute but from time to time her cool sides show which is intimidating and amazing at the same time. She loves Yuu Izumi very much and always takes care of him by literally protecting him from every bad situation he gets in due to his bad luck. She has her own ideas and she sticks to them. She refers to her boyfriend as "Izumi-san" and he does the same for her by referring to her as "Shikimori-san" and not by their first names because she admires how her grandparents addressed each other by only their last names. She is a very dependable person shown time and time again. She is also very good at sports and usually anything she does except cooking, though she later improves. She has a brotherly relationship with Shuu Inuzuka and accidentally calls him "nii-chan" and then gets flustered about it. She sees anyone Izumi likes as a rival and tries to best them. Like Kamiya, she's easy to provoke into accepting a challenge.[2]


During the ball sports tourney when cheered by Yuu Izumi, Shikimori turned on her cool mode and won the match thus becoming the hero of the class and popular with the girls.


  • She dislikes sweets[3], though she accepts anything made by Izumi, including the S'mores he made.[4]
  • Her cool side allows her to accurately shoot her targets.[5]
  • She's not a great singer.[6]
  • She's afraid of Tigers.[7]
  • She has poor eyesight.